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         about the domain  - - -
Moonmegami.com was registered in 2001 and is currently hosted by comtime.com. the title of my domain means "moon goddess" -- "megami" is the Japanese word for "goddess". I have always loved this domain name as it references many different memories and interests of mine simeltaneously.

         the current layout  - - -
This is the fifteenth layout to be featured on moonmegami.com since its existence. It features artwork of Princess Serenity from Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon done by Luciole Loong, a very talented artist who gave me permission to use her lovely artwork. Various textures I created and modified were used to create the layout. Featured techniques in the coding of the layout include tables, CSS and a bit of JavaScript. Tools used in the creation of this layout include Paintshop Pro 7 for graphic design and Notepad for hand coding.          contact information  - - -
If you'd like to shoot me an email, I can be reached at kelly@moonmegami.com

Content, design, coding, etc. © Kelly.
Layout artwork © Luciole Loong.